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Our new guild website is active and payed up for the next 6 months and the teamspeak server for the next 2, These are both currently funded by both Syal and myself, Any donations toward these would be extremely helpful but are not essential.
Donations made to the above PayPal account are not received by GuildPortal.com, and are solely for the site administrator who configured this content.
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Guild funding

Bearing., Jun 2, 11 10:47 AM.
As was noted on the guild donations tab, Contribution's to the costs are not essential.  

Website - £28 p/6 Months and currently payed up until December 2nd 2011

Teamspeak £13 p/3 Months and currently payed up until August 8th 2011

These will be on going for as long as the guild as up and whilst nor me or Syal have a problem funding both of them, any help is welcomed.  

New Guild Website

Bearing., May 29, 11 6:21 AM.
Hey guys,

Writing this now well before release time but thought I might just post that the website is currently under maintenance and should be ready soon.  The look of the website should gradually change over time but everything should stay in the same place.  I am looking for our new website to be used a lot more than our old one as it is a very way good for everyone to catch up on recent event's or communicate outside of game. Thanks and see you guys soon!


Abbraccio are a 10 man raiding guild on Nordrassil EU, Originally based on chamber of aspects our guild have been together for the most part of 2 years, we transfered to Nordrassil looking for better things  and are currently progressing through the 4.1 raid content with 10/12 on normal level.  We raid 3 nights a week and on the occasion a fourth night if people are up for it. Recruitment is closed at the moment but will still consider exceptional applications,  our raid nights are Wednesday/Sunday/Monday at 19:45 -23:00 server time.  

Guild requirements:
  • Teamspeak 3
  • Deadly Boss Mods 
  • Omen Threat Meter
  • 3 Night Raid Attendance
  • Aged 16+
If you are a new member please take the time to browse around the website and make sure you read the sticky posts and familiarize yourself with our rules and loot system.  
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European: Nordrassil (PvE)
Abbraccio is currently recruiting the following:
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